About Us

alaraflubricantsltd.com offers the best prices in Bangladesh on automotive engine oil and lubricants. Purchase the best engine oil and lubricant in Bangladesh at the lowest price in Dhaka and the whole nation. Soon after the establishment of the company it has earned reputation at home and abroad for its quality and timely shipment. The Company has earned this name and fame with hard work, dedication, innovative activities and relentless efforts to do better every day by the present Management.

Our mission is establishing sustainable employment opportunity and  in Bangladesh, Producing Diversified Lubricant goods, Mineralized Lubricant Items & Mineral Industry by Eco-friendly materials as well as contributing to the environment.

Our vision is to meet quality, to make cost saving and to create life with socio-environmental realization. Also, to enrich and delight the world through ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS that matter. Our success lies in the up-gradation of our peoples’ living standard.

By our founder’s dedication to people and their well-being. we promote an environment where we can push beyond boundaries and across borders to create ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS that help to fuel the best in everyone everywhere.

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